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Business Communication training in Kothrud Pune

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Business Communication Training In Kothrud

To help you with your business communication skills, we have the best Business Communication training in Kothrud, Pune for you. Our various corporate training programs will help you excel in your career and transform your personality making you the most sought-after employee.

If you are a professional in any domain or field, and face difficulty in expressing what is in your mind, either in speech or writing, it is definitely time to take up the Business Communication Training with us. You may be technically very sound. However, effective communication skills are the KEY to a successful career.

Our training in Business Communication will equip you with the ability to speak and write in a way that will impress everyone around you.

Business Communication training in Kothrud, Pune

Business Communication Training In Pune

    Some of the aspects of our Business Communication training on Pune are as follows:

    • Body language and Gestures – Our body communicates and transmits messages to people around us. We may not speak at all, and yet we convey something. This is because of the various movements of our body. These body signals must be used effectively in order to make a good impression on people. We teach you the intricacies involved in obtaining a positive body language that would allow people to read and understand you correctly.

    • Assertiveness Skills - Do you face difficulty in saying “No” to your seniors, colleagues, or even juniors? Well, most people do find it hard to utter this small yet very powerful word and end up getting stuck in undesirable situations. Saying “no” does not mean that you shirk responsibility. Saying “no” is all about making the right decisions and not allowing others to take advantage of your good temperament. We teach you to do this by maintaining your position at the workplace without spoiling the work environment.

    • Professional Writing Techniques – Writing a letter or an email is what you have been doing since ever! Why do you then not get your work done via these? Why does your boss or client not respond in a desirable way? We teach you the effective and accurate use of language to put your ideas across in a persuasive way.

    • Presentation Skills – Standing in front of colleagues and bosses to deliver a presentation is almost always nerve-racking. We teach you techniques to overcome nervousness as well as guide you to plan, prepare and deliver to get attention!

Business Communication training in Pune

We at Puja Awachat's English Training Academy provide Business Communication training to help you enhance your written as well as verbal skills at work. We have a full understanding of the kind of communication skills expected from professionals. Therefore, our modules of the Business Communication training in Pune are designed in a way so as to equip you with the much-needed abilities and attributes that will exhibit your technical knowledge in the most effective and accurate manner.